Green Products by Canadian Companies

As more Canadians try and educate themselves about the products they use, a greater emphasis is being placed on using products that are environmentally friendly while still being effective. Below are some of the great great Canadian companies leading the green wave!

Eco-Max: A brand of Prism Care Corporation, which is a Canadian owned and family operated company, founded in April 1999 with a mission to benefit people and the environment. In 1999, under the PrismEnvironmental® brand, the company became one of the few Canadian companies offering EcoLogoTM certified cleaning products. Their goal is to replace hazardous, toxic cleaning products. The company is based out of Oakville, Ontario.

Green Cricket: The company was founded by Susan Mey, whose daughter was suffering from reactions to ingredients found in everyday household cleaning and skincare products. Based out of Etobicoke, Ontario, Green Cricket has been producing all-natural products since 2010.

Live Clean: Founded in 2006, with the goal “to create a collection of beauty and personal care products that was eco-friendly natural and plant derived without sacrificing product performance, and do it at an affordable price.” The company is based out of Etobicoke, Ontario.

Nature Clean: In the 1960s, a husband began developing natural household products when his wife suffered allergic reactions to the chemicals used in conventional household products. Since then, the company has continued the tradition of creating non-toxic alternatives for the products we use in our daily lives. The company is based out of Markham, Ontario.


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