Beauty & Skincare by Canadian Companies

Beauty and Skincare products should have effective and proven ingredients. Below are some of the remarkable Canadian companies producing innovative and effective beauty and skincare products.

Cliniderm: From the company website: “Cliniderm offers a complete line of irritant-free products for all sensitive skin and scalp needs for all family members. These products are all dermatologist recommended for use on the following skin conditions: atopic dermatitis (eczema), dry skin, impetigo, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, diaper rash and sunburn. Cliniderm products are free of parabens, dyes, perfumes, lanolin, formaldehyde and proteins.” The company is based out of Laval, Québec.

DECIEM: The company is made up of various brands including The Ordinary, NIOD and Chemistry Brand. Focused on using scientifically proven ingredients, DECIEM strives to produce quality products at competitive prices. The company started trading in 2013 and has quickly taken the skincare and makeup industry by storm.  The company is based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Green Beaver: Founded in 2001 by a biochemist and microbiologist, Green Beaver’s philosophy is to create products that do not harm animals, do not harm the earth, and do not harm the user. They make it a priority to use organic ingredients that are locally grown whenever possible; they even encourage visits to their factory. They have an open door policy as they don’t have anything to hide! The company is based out of Hawkesbury, Ontario.

Indeed Laboratories: Launched in 2011 with their game-changing nanoblur™, Indeed Laboratories has been developing high-performing products with highly effective ingredients and affordable prices. The company is based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Marcelle: With a storied heritage spanning nearly a century, Marcelle has been at the forefront of skincare and beauty innovation. The company has a wide range of skincare, make-up and cleansing products for all skin-types and ages. The company is based out of Montréal, Québec.

Pure Anada: With the goal to create natural, cruelty-free and ethical products, Pure Anada produces a range of skincare and makeup products. The company is based out of Morden, Manitoba.

Reversa (Reversa is made in Canada by ©Dermtek Pharma Inc.) Reversa is manufactured in Canada by Dermtek Pharma Ltd., (developer of the popular Ombrelle brand of sunscreen, which was subsequently purchased by L’Oréal). Dermtek is acclaimed for incorporating the latest in anti-aging technology into its skin care products. The company is based out of Dorval, Québec.

Skinfix: The core formula used by Skinfix was born from a century old family recipe, passed down from British Pharmacopeia. Skinfix products contain a potent combination of vitamins, minerals, emollient oils and powerful, active, natural ingredients that restore the lipids and protect the skin barrier. The company is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Green Products by Canadian Companies

As more Canadians try and educate themselves about the products they use, a greater emphasis is being placed on using products that are environmentally friendly while still being effective. Below are some of the great great Canadian companies leading the green wave!

Eco-Max: A brand of Prism Care Corporation, which is a Canadian owned and family operated company, founded in April 1999 with a mission to benefit people and the environment. In 1999, under the PrismEnvironmental® brand, the company became one of the few Canadian companies offering EcoLogoTM certified cleaning products. Their goal is to replace hazardous, toxic cleaning products. The company is based out of Oakville, Ontario.

Green Cricket: The company was founded by Susan Mey, whose daughter was suffering from reactions to ingredients found in everyday household cleaning and skincare products. Based out of Etobicoke, Ontario, Green Cricket has been producing all-natural products since 2010.

Live Clean: Founded in 2006, with the goal “to create a collection of beauty and personal care products that was eco-friendly natural and plant derived without sacrificing product performance, and do it at an affordable price.” The company is based out of Etobicoke, Ontario.

Nature Clean: In the 1960s, a husband began developing natural household products when his wife suffered allergic reactions to the chemicals used in conventional household products. Since then, the company has continued the tradition of creating non-toxic alternatives for the products we use in our daily lives. The company is based out of Markham, Ontario.